• ETHC 101 CAPSTONE ESSAY SummaryThis assignment is an essay that brings all of the knowledge and skills developed in this courseto bear on a single ethical issue. Each student will write Read More
  • Movie Review Assignment Movies are a valuable source of data for understanding the social world as they provide insight intoparticular social and historical contexts. For instance, while Django Unchained is a Read More
  • Online Concert Report Assignment This capstone Concert Report allows you to demonstrate your overall knowledge ofthe musical elements, historical time periods and instrumentation that you’ve learnedabout this semester into one report.Choose Read More
  • Pharmacological Effects of Substances Essay As you delve further into information about the types of drugs used and abused, a broaderunderstanding of SUDs can be gained by exploring the pharmacology of Read More
  • Argumentative Research Essay IMPORTANT DATES:Research Proposal with 6 sources (Essay 3) Wednesday, Nov. 25Research Paper Rough Draft Wednesday, Dec. 9Final draft Wednesday, Dec. 16FORM: Your final research papers should be 9-10 Read More
  • ARTH 1100 History of Photography Essay Paper #2 Alternative Option Response Paper: Susan Sontag on Diane Arbus Please choose only one option for Paper #2, the film review or this response Read More
  • Discussion Draft and TAR Assignment I. Discussion Draft For this assignment, you will need to write about 1-page Discussion section.An example of a final project (including the Discussion section) is posted on Bb in the Read More
  • Argumentative Essay Assignment Prompt:For this argument you might agree with Turkle or Freitas that we aretruly alone together, but make sure to clearly explain how 1-2 of thesetechnologies are intended to Read More
  • Eng208/CIN208 Film Analysis Paper #1 “12 Angry Men” For this assignment you are to apply the methods of analysis we have used inclass, to clearly explicate an aspect of the film Read More

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